Are you searching for a college or university degree in maritime archaeology? Below is a list of universities offering degree programs. Check the pull down menu for program descriptions.

These universities offer degrees specifically in maritime archaeology, but many others offer general degrees in archaeology with courses or experience relating to maritime topics. For these universities check the Research Institutions section under Organizations.


Universities with maritime archaeology degree programs: 

  • Alexandria University (Egypt), MA
  • Barcelona University (Spain), MA
  • Bournemouth University (United Kingdom), MSc
  • Centre Camille Jullian, University of Provence (France), PhD
  • East Carolina University (United States), MA
  • Flinders University (Australia), MA, PhD
  • Groningen University (Netherlands), MA
  • Kyiv National Taras Schevchenko University (Ukraine), MA
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), MA, PhD
  • Oxford University (United Kingdom), MA, PhD
  • Texas A&M University (United States), MA, PhD
  • Universita Degli Studi di Sassari (Italy), MA
  • University of Bristol (United Kingdom), MA
  • University of Exeter (United Kingdom), MA
  • University of Haifa (Israel), MA
  • University of Leiden (Netherlands), MA, PhD
  • University of Southampton (United Kingdom), MA, MPhil, MSc, PhD
  • University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), MA
  • University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), MRes, PhD
  • University of Western Australia (Australia), MA
  • University of West Florida (United States), BA, MA
  • York University (United Kingdom), MSc

Non-standard degrees or certificates:

  • Indiana University (United States), Certificate in Underwater Resources Management
  • University of Hawaii (United States), Marine Option Program
  • Universite Jules Verne de Picardie (France), distance learning diploma
  • University of Nimes (France), one year diploma
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