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East Carolina University

From very humble beginnings, the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University has blossomed into one of the world's leading academic underwater archaeology programs. It is characterized by hands-on underwater training, primary document historical research, and other practical skills such as remote sensing and grant writing.

Program staff includes professors with both national and international reputations in research excellence including eight maritime archaeologists and historians, and a Diving and Water Safety Office boasting a well maintained fleet of research vessels. Our program produces field trained archaeologists with experience in low-vis conditions, advanced methodologies (including remote sensing and total station recording), and ship reconstruction. Most of our graduates have gone on to get jobs in the field as contract and museum archaeologists working at the state and federal levels, cultural resource managers, museum curators, conservators, and teachers at all levels.

For more information please visit the Program in Maritime Studies homepage.

  • Field school students record ship timbers at Biscayne National Park.
  • Student ground truths a potential artifact at Mackinac Island, MI.
  • Students create a site plan of a shipwreck during their summer field school.
  • Students participate in Scientific Diver training at a quarry in Eastern NC.
  • Learning how to loft ship lines by hand at a workshop in the Outer Banks.

ECU Maritime Studies Association

The purpose of the Maritime Studies Association is to assist students working toward degree completion in the Maritime Studies Program. MSA's main function is to assist students in the program in covering the expenses accrued in attending and presenting at conferences, serve as the overall voice of its members on campus and in the community, and to arrange social events for members and friends of the program.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Recording Currituck Watercraft


The Program in Maritime Studies has a diverse range of research expertise including: Caribbean and Atlantic studies, World War II Atlantic and Pacific operations, American Great Lakes, European archaeology, public outreach, and management of cultural heritage. The program also includes coursework in cultural resource management, ship construction, ship reconstruction, maritime cultural landscapes, advanced methods, and underwater conservation.

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