University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Committed to the promotion and practice of maritime archaeology, we have provided world-class expertise in research and education since 1995. Over this period we have established strong links with other UK universities, overseas academic institutions and the commercial sector.

Our research and field school projects have a global scope, from the Solent to South Asia. Much of the work conducted within the Centre is multidisciplinary in nature, drawing on the University's established excellence in marine geophysics, history, geography, English, web science, computing, ship science and marine geoarchaeology.

All of the above has served to place the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the forefront of maritime archaeological theory, method and practice in the academic and commercial spheres.

The Centre for Maritime Archaeology is recognised worldwide as a pioneering centre for education and research in the field. This was a powerful reason for me to apply for a place in the MA programme.

-PhD Candidate Clara Fuquen-Gomez

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Education and Research

The CMA includes around 50 postgraduate students, researchers, staff and visitors. These are predominantly drawn from the Faculty of Humanities but frequently include connections with the science faculties, notably the School of Oceans and Earth Science at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. We encourage collaborations across the University, including multidisciplinary research projects and interdisciplinary teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Ethnoarchaeology, Ship Construction, Maritime Cultural Landscapes, Seafaring, Experimental Archaeology


Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Nile, Red Sea

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