Honor Frost Foundation Scholarship (£ 10,000) Through University of Cyprus

Honor Frost Foundation Scholarship (£ 10,000) Through University of Cyprus

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The University of Cyprus and the Honor Frost Foundation are offering funding for MA students. Click here for the listing.

Honor Frost

Honor Frost

Honor Frost Foundation Scholarship (£ 10,000)

The scholarship is aimed at the students in the programme ‘ Field Archaeology on Land and under the Sea’, regardless of their admission year. The successful candidate must demonstrate a genuine interest in maritime archaeology and a clear intention to write a dissertation about a maritime subject, preferably concerning the eastern Mediterranean.

Only one scholarship per year is offered.

Entry requirements:

Selection will be based on ranking of the applicant’s previous diplomas as well as on their ability to convince the committee of their capacity to conduct research of high standards. Experience in maritime archaeology projects will be considered as an additional qualification.

Application procedure:

Applications are invited every year in October with a deadline of January 31st of the following year. The results are announced within a month, i.e. in February.

The committee holds the right not to award a scholarship in any given year, if none of the candidates has the required qualifications.


The application should be in English and include the following:

Curriculum Vitae.

A research statement (up to 600 words) where the candidate’s special interest in maritime archaeology should be explained.

Previous diplomas or distinctions.

Two reference letters from academics or field archaeologists, preferably with a maritime background.

The application should be submitted to the programme coordinator via email:

Dr Stella Demesticha

Email: [email protected]

Cyprus University Funds

The University of Cyprus is granding scholarships for postgraduate Master’s degrees for:
  • Cypriot Expatriates and to citizens of non EU countries
  • Foreign Nationals
Scholarships are granted based on academic performance and the financial status of the students. The aim is to attract high level students. Interested students complete the relevant application form once scholarships have been announced.
Click here for the listing.
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