Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program Field Schools

Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program Field Schools

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The Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program offers scientific diving courses and research field work experiences throughout the Balkan region in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. We bring together a diverse team of instructors from around the world who are experts in fields such as underwater archaeology, coastal ecology, marine geology, remote sensing technology, and artifact conservation. We also provide our students with the best in dive safety and scientific diving instruction.

ICEP 2013

Our courses are accredited through Transylvania University. Since its founding in 1780 as the first college west of the Allegheny Mountains in the United States, Transylvania has been pioneering new frontiers in higher education.

We are entering our third year offering field schools in the eastern Adriatic. 75% of our former students have entered graduate programs with nearly 60% hired for subsequent projects.

Our class sizes are relatively small compared to most archaeology and ecology field schools, offering students extraordinary interactions with world-renowned faculty and staff from international organizations across the Balkan region.

Applications go live each January and are accepted until April 1.

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