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Academic Journals

Find journals that publish articles on maritime archaeology.




Find conferences to present research on maritime archaeology.



Dive Safety

Explore reference material on dive safety.

Dive Safety


History of Archaeology

Learn the history of maritime archaeology by country.



Underwater Bombs: The Ordnance Depot

Underwater explosives are a concern for maritime archaeology. Many people think that the older a piece of ordnance, the more likelihood that it is no longer viable - a wrong and deadly assumption. Hundreds of people worldwide are killed or injured every year from “old” ordnance through ignorance, stupidity, carelessness, and misinformation. This guide introduces you to the correct terminology, how different explosives work, and what they look like so you can be safe underwater.

Ordnance Depot


List of Maritime Web Resources

The internet is a simplifying maritime research, placing a litany of tools in the hands of us all. Below are a collection of useful maps, models, and figures that help to conceptualize underwater research.

- Massive digitalization database of old maps.

- Marine Explore: A open database for marine researchers.

- Timeline and overview of errors of the Bounty tall ship sinking in 2012.

- Wreck Protect: A Program for the preservation and protection of Baltic shipwrecks.

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